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Ben Freidenberg,
, Institute of Industrial Engineers


Thanks for the assistance with the PAM machines. We have completed the overhead demolition on the job in Denver and have shipped one of our units to Salt Lake and it has gone right to work there. Our field guys are especially happy with the performance and relief the units provide. No regrets on my end either with our decision to purchase them and you (RNP Industries) have been very professional to work with. I look forward to working with you in the future.  Regards,

Michael E. Lutonsky,
Field Operations Manager - Colorado, Restruction Corporation


I have been employed with Industrial Builders Inc. for 31 years, the last 17 as a field superintendant supervising in bridge repair and overlays.Industrial Builders recently  (2009) purchased 2 PAMs to assist in concrete demolition for deck preparation prior to overlay. Both units performed very well in accomplishing this task they were assigned to complete. The operators were also very happy with their performance. I would recommend a PAM to anyone doing concrete demolition.  Sincerely,

John Pogorzelski,
Superintendant, Industrial Builders Inc.


“  El picado del hormigon dentro de los perfiles con el PAM OVE resulto ser el metodo mas economico, permtiendonos avanzar al ritmo requerido y dentro del presupuesto estipulado”

Gabriel Bianchi,
Engineering Services, CIEMSA - Uruguay


The machine is working out great!! The best money spent all season…Thanks again for everything!

Michael Schwall,
Project Manager / Safety Coordinator, MBB Enterprises of Chicago, Inc.


Our PAM unit saved the day on the project you delivered to. We had quantity overruns that were significant, and we would never have been able to meet schedule if we were using conventional demolition processes.

Chris Kestner,
Senior Project Manager, Tarlton Corporation


Not only will it greatly reduce worker fatigue and injury, It is also an incredibly productivity tool that will pay for itself with the increase in production.
The feedback from employees using the P.A.M. is that we have improved the safety, production and quality of their work. The P.A.M. significantly reduces the risk of injury during overhead and vertical concrete removal.

Terry Daniel,
Resource and Training Manager, Structural Group


Increased productivity is 2-fold with the PAM unit…not only does it out produce conventional means, but because the PAM unit eliminates the “fatigue” factor, productivity occurs throughout the shift.

Brian McCue,
Vice President & General Manager, Donley's Restoration Group


After testing the units for safety and productivity, Commonwealth put them into service on a large concrete demolition project. We have been very pleased with the added degree of safety these units bring to a demolition project.  There is also a substantial increase in the productivity. The units are easy to move, easy to set up and have very little down time to date.
Commonwealth is very satisfied with the PAM units provided by RNP and with the follow up and service.

Jim Fleming,
IMR Division Manager, Commonwealth


I usually don't open email solicitations, but in this case it seemed all too interesting. A machine to aid in the worst task a restoration contractor faces, overhead removal of concrete. The people from PAM came out and let us use the new machine. I am very skeptical of any new gimmick, but this one looked to be well thought out. We set up to chip overhead rib repairs. I was the first to try it out, after running it for 3 minutes and getting about 1 foot per minute, I told Sylvain this is a no brainer and wrote out the check. After a year, the arm has performed excellent with no break downs and minimal maintenance.

Otto De Jager,
Owner, Infrastructure Repair Service