Located in the province of Quebec, Canada, RNP Industries has over 25 years of manufacturing experience, and became a leading specialist in the design and manufacturing of productivity-enhancing equipment.

Mainly involved, at it’s beginning, in the forestry equipment such as grapples, log loaders, slashers, etc., RNP Industries has always had its finger on the pulse of customer expectations by supplying products suited to their needs.

A wide engineering knowledge enabled the company to develop many custom mechanical solution for different industries. One of them is the most innovative piece of equipment for the construction industry: The P.A.M., the first patented ergonomic device to increase productivity and reduce injuries.
RNP Industries offers its customers several standard products along with customized equipments. The company’s numerous achievements bear testament to its commitment to offer reliable and efficient products.

That’s the reason why year after year RNP Industries invests: time, effort and money in R&D to both create new product and continuously improve upon the existing one.


Design, manufacture and/or adapt ergonomic equipments to maximize the use of existing tools in order to increase safety, health and productivity.